Youth Summer Camps

Attn: Camps are filling up fast! If you don’t see a camp listed on the registration request form it means the camp is full. You may contact Bari to be put on a waitlist, and will be notified if a spot becomes available.

Click here to complete a registration request for Summer Camps. For more Programs or Summer Camp information, contact our Programs Director, Bari, at For more Group Ex Summer Camps information, contact our Group Ex Director, Dot, at


Cheer & Dance Camp

Join our spirit and dance pros as you cheer, move and dance your team to victory!

Campers will learn the basics in cheering, stunting and half-time dances. They will have the opportunity to show off their spirit with chants, cheers, crafts and dances designed to get everyone fired up! The final day of camp will include a special performance.

Please bring a water bottle and wear athletic shoes. Snacks provided.

Cheer & Dance Clinic:

1 full day to energize bodies and minds and show off spirit with crafts
Date: Monday July 2
Time: 9am – 4pm
Ages: 3 – 6, 7 – 11
Fees: $65 + tax Member/$80 + tax Non-member

2 Summer Sessions to choose from:

Session 1: Recommended for those new to cheer camp
Dates:  July 16 – 19
Time:  1 – 4pm
Ages:  3 – 6, 7 – 11
Fees:  $130 + tax Member/$160 + tax Non-member

Session 2: Recommended for those with cheer or dance experience
Dates: August 13 – 16
Time:  1 – 4pm
Ages:  3 – 6, 7 – 11
Fees:  $130 + tax Member/$160 + tax Non-member


We appreciate having your kids join us for our Camp Adventures.

New! Our Camp Week will be Monday – Friday.

Due to our summer camps filling up, we will no longer accept drop in campers the day of camp. Whoever is enrolled into our Computer prior to the camp week will have a spot. We recommend enrolling your camper into the camp week(s) that you want to guarantee a spot. If something changes and you need to switch to a different week or an unexpected emergency, we will give you 100% refund or find a different camp that is the same fee. We want you and your kids to be happy!

Full Day Camp Hours: 9am – 4pm (Ages 5 – 11)

Half Day Camp Hours: 9am – 12pm (Ages 3 – 5)

Monday – Thursday, campers need to bring a lunch to camp only if they are Full Day Campers.

Every Friday, for Full Day Campers, lunch will be provided by CAC – Silver Lake.

Campers may bring a snack(s) for mid-morning and afternoon breaks.
We recommend wearing a swimming suit and sunscreen, bring tennis shoes, a water bottle, snacks and a change of clothes.

Campers, please drop off backpacks in the Little Preschool area before entering the gym.

Information for all CAC - Silver Lake CAMPS

Due to the variety and severity of allergies, we will no longer provide snacks for campers. Feel free to pack a special snack for your child to have during the mid-morning and late-afternoon time frame.

Campers who want to order a smoothie from the café, will need to wait until the end of the camp day to order and drink their smoothie.
All personal electronics must be kept in campers backpack or left at home. We want the kids to be engaged and have fun with each other vs. spacing out on their electronics. Thank you!

Every Wednesday of our Camp week, is “WACKY WEDNESDAY”. Campers and staff can dress crazy or backwards or colorful or with the camp theme of the week. The campers and staff will choose the favorite outfit and that person wins a free smoothie from our Silver Lake Café! We encourage campers to use their creativity and have fun. This should not be stressful.
We are happy to offer Extended Hours on both ends of our Camps Days to help accommodate families that may need extra time for their kids to have more fun! $10 + tax per hour for 1st child/additional $5 + tax per hour for additional sibling.

Must reserve your time frame for the early morning drop off or late pick up 1 week prior to your camp week.

Ages 12 – 15 Camp Opportunities


Intense. Multi-faceted. Performance-driven. Athletic. Cross-Training. To you, that means MORE RESULTS! IMPACTraining allows you to pick a training group that meets your individual needs, places you into the right intensity you need to achieve your goals and holds you accountable while under the watchful eye of an Expert Personal Trainer. Participants will go swimming and hit golf balls at the driving range. TRX, Group Core, Yoga, Cycling and Step will be offered throughout the week. Please bring a swimsuit, a water bottle, tennis shoes, proper workout attire, snacks, lunch and ready to workout.
Date: June 19 – 22
Ages: 12 – 15
Time: 9am – 4pm (Includes Golfing, Fitness Component and
Fees: $250 + tax/$65 + tax a day Member | $300 + tax/$80 + tax a day Non-member

Jr. Camp Counselor Camp

Participants 12 years and older who are interested in learning what it takes to be a camp counselor, this is the camp for you! Assist the Camp Counselors with daily activities, games and crafts. Help team up with younger kids and be a positive role model and leader. Participants will have the opportunity to swim everyday and have fun.

In order to be a Jr. Camp Counselor, he/she must have attended CAC - Silver Lake Camp(s) in the past. He/She must be a positive role model and want to be a “BIG” kid participating in games and show leadership qualities.

Bring swim suit, tennis shoes, comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and lunch.

The following Camp Weeks are available but space is limited. Please sign up and reserve your Jr. Camp Counselor spot!
Dates: June 25 – 29 “Action Basketball” Camp Week #1
(w FASTR training) | July 9 – 13 “Megaminds” Camp week #1 | July 16 – 20 “Aqua Nuts” Camp | July 23 – July 27 “All American Sports” Camp | July 30 – August 3 “Disney Theme” Camp | August 6 – 10 “Action Basketball” Camp Week #2 (w FASTR training) | August 13 – 17 “Mythbuster’s Science” Camp | August 20 – 24 “Megaminds” Camp week #2
Ages: 12 – 15
Time: 9am – 4pm
Fees: $150 + tax/$35 + tax a day Member | $200 + tax/$50 + tax a day Non-member

Ages 3 – 11 Camp Opportunities


Adventure, Crafts, Tumbling, Ice breaker games, Outside activities (Swimming in outdoor pool) and Never ending fun! Participants will have Basketball Training with Gary Gardner everyday. Campers will train with a fitness trainer and try a 30 minute FASTR class. They will have the opportunity to meet new friends and have a blast learning different games like pickle ball, geezerball, badminton, kickball and capture the flag. Participants will work out every camp day. We recommend tennis shoes, a swimsuit, a water bottle, 2 snacks and a change of clothes. Monday through Thursday campers bring their lunch. Friday, we provide lunch for the campers.
Dates: June 25 – 29 Week #1 | August 6 – 10 Week #2
Time: 9am – 4pm
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $250 + tax/$65 + tax a day Member | $300 + tax/$80 + tax a day Non-member


(This camp week filled up fast, so we are offering 2 weeks of this theme!) Kids who like to be imaginative, creative, mobile and adventurous will enjoy this Camp week.

Monday, Minecraft Theme: Kids will create their own Minecraft world using boxes and exercise mats in the gym. (They will put people to sleep using their freeze power or fire power, no killing)

Tuesday, Legos/Bionicles/Transformers: If you want to bring a ziplock baggy, labeled with your own Lego’s or Bionicles to build, please do. We will build a wide variety using these toys.

Wacky Wednesday, Star Wars Theme: Dress up in character, bring a light saber or whatever you love about Star Wars. We will play games with Star Wars fun sprinkled in.

Thursday, Harry Potter Theme: Make a glow in the dark wand, learn how to play CAC’s version of quittage and enter Harry Potter’s world.

Friday, Nerf Wars Day! All participants must wear protective eye wear in order to play with the Nerf Toys. We will set up boxes in the gym and make a war zone or rooms for the Nerf Fun. We recommend participants bringing in their own nerf gear and ammunition. PLEASE label it with first and last initials.
Ages: 3 – 11
Dates: Week #1 July 9 – 13
Week #2 August 20 – 24
Fees: $230 + tax/$55 + tax a day Member
$280 + tax/$70 + tax a day Non-member

“All AMERICAN” SPORTS CAMP w/Basketball Training

“All American Sports Camp”: This camp will give your child the opportunity to try basketball, floor hockey, dodge ball, soccer, kickball, pickle ball, badminton, whiffle baseball, swimming and more! Each participant will learn the fundamentals of these games and have fun developing the skills to play them. There will be a fitness component every day so the kids will try boot camp, yoga/pilates, core training and step aerobics.
Date: July 23 – 27
Ages: 3 – 11
Time: 9am – 4pm
Fees: $230 + tax/$55 + tax a day Member | $280 + tax/$70 + tax a day Non-member

“Disney Theme” Camp

Calling all superheroes, characters and princesses! Are you creative? Join us for a week of adventures and quests only disney characters and princesses can handle! We will solve mysteries, create adventures of our own through activities and games the gym, swimming, dancing, crafts and using our imaginations. Every afternoon, the Superhero’s will go into the gym to save the World. The Princesses will learn how to dance with our Dance Instructor, coach Kimee in the group ex studio. Friday afternoon 3:30pm will be the dance recital, and superheroes will showcase their heroic skills.
Date: July 30 – August 3
Ages: 5 – 11
Time: 9am – 4pm
Fees: $230 + tax/$55 + tax a day Member | $280 + tax/$70 + tax a day Non-member


Mythbuster’s Science Camp: For the camper who doesn’t enjoy the physical activity all day can have fun mixing liquids, play with gooey stuff, flying paper airplanes, exploding plastic bottles and doing lots of experiments, this camp is for you! Participants will have the opportunity to go swimming every morning in the outdoor pool.
Date: August 13 – 17
Ages: 5 – 11
Time: 9am – 4pm
Fees: $230 + tax/$55 + tax a day Member | $280 + tax/$70 + tax a day Non-member

“THE ORIGINAL” Camp Columbia

Learn how to play tennis, hit a golf ball, increase swimming endurance, workout, play games and enjoy a variety of fun activities in the gym. Please bring a swimsuit, a water bottle, energy and wear your tennis shoes!
Ages: 5 – 12 Group A (Introduction to Tennis and Golfing) | Group B (Has some Tennis and Golfing experience)
Dates: Week #1 June 19 – 22 (Tuesday – Friday) | Week #2 August 27 – 30 (Monday – Thursday) Last Camp of Summer 2018
Time: 9am – 4pm (Swimming 1X a day, Tennis and Golfing)
Fees: $260 + tax/$70 + tax a day Member | $300 + tax/$85 + tax a day Non-member

“WAHOO’S” Camp Columbia

Looking for more swimming? This camp includes a swimming workout everyday, golf and crazy games in the gym. Make sure you bring a swimsuit, gym shoes and a water bottle. Pre-Requisite for this camp: Participants must be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping.
Ages: 5 – 12
Dates: Week #1 June 19 – 22 (Tuesday – Friday) | Week #2 August 27 – 30 (Monday – Thursday) Last Camp of Summer 2018
Time: 9am – 4pm (Swimming 2X a day & Golfing! No Tennis)
Fees: $240 + tax/$65 + tax a day Member | $280 + tax/$80 + tax a day Non-member

“MINI” Campers at Columbia

Get ready for fun games in the gym, lots of activities using large and small motor skills, make crafts, enjoy snacks and go swimming! Bring a swimsuit, wear gym shoes and a water bottle to this spectacular camp.
Ages: 3 – 6
Dates: Week #1 “Action Camp” June 25 – 29 | Week #2 “Megaminds Camp” July 9 – 13 | Week #3 “Aqua Nuts Camp” July 16 – 20 | Week #4 “Disney Theme” July 30 – August 3 | Week #5 “Mythbuster’s Science” August 13 – 17
Time: 9am – 12pm
Fees: $150 + tax/$35 + tax a day Member | $200 + tax/$50 + tax a day Non-member


This camp has everything to do with water. Water relays, water balloons, games, eating (watermelon), Otter Pops, swimming in the outdoor and indoor pool, swim with the “Wahoo’s” swim team and having a good time getting wet! Please wear swimsuit and wear sunscreen, bring extra clothes to change into, sandals-no flip flops, water bottle and a sack lunch Monday through Thursday! We will provide the “dry and soggy” lunch on Friday.
Ages: 5 – 11
Date: July 16 – 20
Time: 9am – 4pm
Fees: $230 + tax/$55 + tax a day Member | $280 + tax/$70 + tax a day Non-member